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What You Always Wanted to Know About Switch Hitters (But Were Afraid to Ask)

AUTHOR: Hildegaard Knudsen
PUBLISHER: Global Press
DATE: 19871
PAGES: 265

Publisher’s Description

This extraordinary documentary by Hildegaard Knudsen, covers that sexual phenomenon — the female homosexual.

This authoritative book presents the detailed case history of one such woman, Daphne Swanson, wife of a brilliant young director, whose world with the passing years has grown more narrow and circumscribed. Life with her husband, both in and out of bed, has become bland and predictable.

Is homosexuality in any way inferior to heterosexuality? Do sexual relations with a person of the same sex represent a deviation or a short-circuiting of a very defininte biologic intention?

These are some of the queries settled by Hildegaard Knudsen. Here is a truly honest work by a distinguished educator that respects your intelligence, recognizes your concerns, and answers in full.

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