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AUTHOR: Janet Bode
PUBLISHER: Hawthorne Books, Inc
DATE: 1976
PAGES: 252

View From Another Closet: Exploring Bisexuality in Women

by Janet Bode

In an era of exhaustive research into almost every imaginable aspect of human sexuality, heterosexual and homosexual behavior have been observed and analysis in minute detail. Only bisexuality has remained a seemingly taboo subject for investigation. Social commentators have casually dismissed it as a sensational fad of today’s pleasure-seekers, sociologists and psychologists have for the most part ignored its existence, while a handful of partisans have claimed it to be the only truly healthy sexual orientation.

Here is the first candid study of this controversial subject as it relates to contemporary women. Based on responses to an extensive questionnaire and on in-depth interviews, this book explores the family backgrounds of bisexual women, their sexual preferences, erotic fantasies, love relationships, self concepts, and life-styles, as well as the attitude of heterosexual and homosexual women toward bisexuality.

Writing in a jargon-free, informational style and quoting extensively from interviews, Janet Bode offers provocative insights into a little-known aspect of sexuality.

  • Acknowledgments
  • From Myth to Maturation
  • Sum of the Parts
  • Was It Good for You, Too?
  • Passion and Propriety
  • Companions and Confidants
  • The Pressure Cooker
  • Both Sides Against the Middle?
  • Bisexual Soundings
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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