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A podcast about fluid sexuality, gender, masculinity and femininity, intimacy, relationships and more — hosted by two bi guys.


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  • Dr. Mimi Hoang is Bi on Life! (Sep 23, 2022)
    Dr. Mimi a psychologist, educator, author, and grassroots activist specializing in the LGBTQ+ and Asian Pacific Islander communities — and she was named “one of the most significant women in the bisexual movement”! In this special episode, we chatted about her family history and bisexual journey, the multiple organizations she co-founded in Los Angeles for Bi+ individuals (including LA Bi+ Task Force and AmBi), how to cultivate resilience, when and how to speak to a psychologist or therapist about your sexuality or gender identity, the cognitive dissonance caused by our actions not matching our words and how coming out can lead to more internal congruence, and the particular challenges of being married and bisexual. Though we do mention the negative mental and physical health outcomes we know are prevalent in our community, we focused our chat on the joys, surprises, and positive aspects of fluid sexuality and the value of building Bi+ community.
  • The Evolving Use of the Word “Bisexual” with Mark Wilkinson (Mar 21, 2022)
    Though the bisexual/fluid community has always existed, the word “bisexual” has evolved significantly in popular usage over the last 60 years. Mark Wilkinson, a PhD candidate at Lancaster University, has been studying media representation of the LGBT+ community and the discursive construction of identity & community, using linguistics to understand how queer people identify themselves over the years — and how others identify our community in the press. We discussed Mark’s paper, “Bisexual Oysters”, which analyzes how the word “bisexual” was used in The Times (of London) over the past six decades. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, it was not used nearly as much as today, and it often did not describe sexuality but rather other aspects of gender or presentation, as well as androgyny, “co-ed” spaces, or “unisex” objects. Mark also discusses the prevalence of fictional characters as opposed to real people being described as “bisexual”, contributing to bi erasure and invisibility. We also chatted about when and why these semantics are important — especially to unite in solidarity for political purposes — and when and why it’s important to remember that “bisexuality” is not a universal identity across time and space, but rather a discursive construction that emerged at a particular time, location, and moment in our culture.
  • Queer Theology & Bisexual Jesus with Benjamin Perry (Mar 7, 2022)
    It’s about time for modern religion to not just accept queerness but to celebrate it — and that’s exactly what Benjamin Perry, a Bi+ Minister as Middle Church in New York City, is doing. In this episode we chatted about Benjamin’s journey toward a bisexual identity, opening up to his wife and the experience of being married and bi, how he found his calling in theology and began to blend it with his burgeoning queerness, coming out in a religious community (a surprisingly positive experience for him), and the inclusive mission of Middle Church and how it reflects God’s queerness. We also discussed the possibility that Jesus and his disciples were bisexual/fluid/queer, what the backlash to this “controversial” idea tells us about religious fundamentalism, and why queerness should not just be “acceptable” among the faithful but why it’s actually vital to understanding God’s love, community, and compassion.
  • Infinite Love & the Sacred Whore with Dr. Herukhuti (Feb 21, 2022)
    This week I had the privilege of speaking with another bi-con, H. Sharif Williams, also known as Dr. Herukhuti — he is an artist, sexologist, social entrepreneur, educator, and activist whose work operates at the intersection of race, culture, sexuality and spirituality. We chatted about the book he edited with Robyn Ochs, “Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men”; his “bodeme” identity and how & when he chooses to use labels like “bisexual”; intersectionality and marginalization within minority communities; how love is commodified under capitalism and how he recognized himself as polyamorous as a result; the holiness of sex and what it means to be a “sacred whore”; American cheese as a metaphor for being racialized as “white” in America; Dr. Herukhuti’s artwork and mission behind it; his documentary “No Homo No Hetero”; and much more.


Alex Boyd
Rob Cohen


Both podcast hosts identify as bisexual/queer. The podcast focuses on bisexual issues, particularly bisexual men.

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