Triple Bi-Pass

Why go through your life with one hand tied behind your back? Triple Bi-Pass is JOY’s first show with a focus on bisexuality. But it’s not a how-to program or a political call-to-action. If anything, the show is about busting stereotypes. The hosts are not spokespersons for the bi community, nor are they experts in gender theory. They are just people having a fun chat who happen to be bi. Learn what it is like to be the B in JOY’s LGBTIQ family.e


  • Bisexual issues
  • Bisexual identity
  • Bisexual culture
  • Bisexual history
  • Bisexual media
  • Biphobia
  • Queer issues
  • Activism & Politics
  • Dating / Relationships


  • Heteropessimism, and the heterosexual experience, with Christina Kenny! (September 21, 2022)
    Tonight on Triple Bi Pass, Ruby and Alex are joined by Christina Kenny, sociology lecturer at the University of New England and member of the Heteropessimists! Ruby and Alex ask Christina about the theory of heteropessimism, which describes a pervasive disappointment, ambivalence, if not doubt, about the quality of the lived heterosexual experience. Christina and her feminist book club want to turn heteropessimism into heteroptimism . But what has this got to do with bi+ relationships and experiences? More than you’d think!
  • Culture and Science of Bisexuality, With Dr Julia Shaw! (September 19, 2022)
    Tonight, Ruby is joined by Dr Julia Shaw, author of “Bi, the hidden culture, history and science of bisexuality”. We’re taking a dive into the wide and often isolated worlds of bisexual research, the effort to compile it and now that influenced her own openly bisexual identity, and what she learned about the resilience and beautiful diversity of the bi community.
  • Coming out in the Workplace! With Alix Sampson (April 15, 2021)
    This week we/re joined by Alix Sampson! Alix talks to us about being out in a workplace when you’re Bi+, as well as the latest date from The Austrtalian Workplace


Ruby Mountford
Amelia Arnold
Alex Morris


All three podcast hosts identify as bisexual. The podcast focuses on bisexual topics and experiences.

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