Trans Pan Tastic

A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them! George is a straight FtM transgender man. Jess is his pansexual nonbinary/genderqueer wife. Together they talk about transition, marriage, transition, parenting, transition, working in the public sector, transition, friendships, and did we mention transition?


  • Gender identity
  • Transgender issues
  • Pansexual issues
  • Polyamory
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Healthcare
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Friendship
  • Pop culture
  • Fandom


  • Ep 359: Pattern Recognition (Jul 9, 2022 )
    When a social interaction goes sideways, especially an interaction with a stranger, there’s always a question of how much bigotry played into the negative outcome. George notices those patterns in some situations, and Jess recognizes them in others, because we are, as always, opposites in so many things.
  • Ep 336: Which Side Of Your Gender Are You Using? (Aug 21, 2021)
    As kids return to school, they sometimes struggle to adapt to changing routines and expectations. We do our best to support them, while they often would rather reject our support because adolescence does that.
  • Ep 329: Gratitude Meditations (May 15, 2021)
    George’s mindfulness practice prompted him to think of dreams that have come true, and of course his first thought was of transition. We had other dreams as well, but who would have expected gender euphoria from a meditation app?
  • Ep 323: The Gender Is Baked In (Feb 20, 2021)
    After over seven years of transition, the ways gender affects our interactions often now function as “background noise”, but sometimes we have cause to pay attention to them. Being on “staycation” in absence of our annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Doctor Who gave us a few of those opportunities.




One of the podcast hosts (Jess) identifies as pansexual. The podcast covers pansexual issues.

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