Trans Mission: My Quest To A Beard

AUTHOR: Alex Bertie
PUBLISHER: Wren & Rook
DATE: 2017
PAGES: 304

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Publisher’s Description

Being a teenager is difficult enough, but having to go through puberty whilst realising you’re in the wrong body means dealing with a whole new set of problems: bullying, self-doubt and in some cases facing a physical and medical transition.

Alex is an ordinary teenager: he likes pugs, donuts, retro video games and he sleeps with his socks on. He’s also transgender, and was born female. He’s been living as a male for the past few years and he has recently started his physical transition.

Throughout this book, Alex will share what it means to be in his shoes, as well as his personal advice to other trans teens. Above all, he will show you that every step in his transition is another step towards happiness. This is an important and positive book, a heart-warming coming-of-age memoir with a broad appeal.

Inclusion Criteria

Author Alex Bertie identifies as pansexual.

Library Notes

Hardback. Purchased used by the library with founder’s funds.