Tommy’s Tale

AUTHOR: Alan Cumming
DATE: 2002
PAGES: 264

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Publisher’s Description

Tommy is twenty-nine, lives and loves in London, and has a morbid fear of the c word — commitment, the b word — boyfriend, and the f word — forgetting to call his drug dealer before the weekend. But when he begins to feel the urge to become a father, he starts to wonder if his chosen lifestyle can ever make him happy. His flatmates, the eccentric, maternal Sadie and the stoic, supportive Bobby, encourage Tommy to tone down his lifestyle a wee bit and accept the fact that he’s got to grow up sometime. His boyfriend, Charlie (whose son, Finn, is the epitome of childhood charm), wishes that Tommy could make a real commitment to their relationship. But can he?

Faced with the choice of maintaining his hedonistic, drugged-out, and admittedly fabulous existence or chucking it all in favor of a far more sensitive, fulfilling, and — let’s face its — lightly staid lifestyle, Tommy finds himself in a true quandary. Through a series of adventures and misadventures that lead him from London nightspots to New York bedrooms and back, our boy Tommy manages to answer some of life’s most pressing questions — and even some he never thought to ask.

Inclusion Criteria

A main character (Tommy) identifies as bisexual. Author Alan Cumming identifies as bisexual.

Library Notes

Paperback. Purchased used by the library with founder’s funds.

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