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AUTHOR: William N. Odom, Jr.
PUBLISHER: Odom Publishing
DATE: 1989
PAGES: 254

The Scarred Servant: The Truth About God’s Bisexual Man

by William N. Odom, Jr.

The Scarred Servant does not come with jacket copy or publisher’s copy. It is a self-published work with a very short printing run. To give you an idea of the book’s content, below are the first few paragraphs of Chapter Two: The Last Days.

“I have had physical or sexual relations with another man. I have loved another man. Were these acts of sin? Should I love another man again, but refrain from having physical or sexual relations with him? If I have the desire to perform such acts, will these thoughts be a sin?

The church of today teaches that I am a sinner when engaging in such acts; therefore, I am doomed to hell if I continue committing them. The church also says I am engaging in unnatural acts, acts which were not in God’s plan when he created woman for man. 

The general society of today also says that such acts are unnatural. Society says men who engage in such acts are perverted from the design of nature, a design which dictates women for man physically or sexually. 

I know what today’s society has to say about such acts. I also know what the church of today teaches about such acts. I personally am not interested in what the general society says; I am only interested in what the church teaches if it agrees with the word of God. I am very interested in God’s truth concerning such acts. The answer to what God teaches cannot be found in man’s general society nor in the attitude of men of the church, but only in the word of God as originally given.” 

  • Chapter 1: Man
  • Chapter 2: The Last Days
  • Chapter 3: God Speaks
  • Chapter 4: The Church
  • Chapter 5: The Curse
  • Chapter 6: Jesus Christ
  • Chapter 7: Paul and the Gentiles
  • Chapter 8: The Letters
  • Chapter 9: The Revelation
  • Chapter 10: David, A Man After God’s Own Heart
  • Chapter 11: Male Bed
  • Chapter 12: The Flesh
  • Chapter 13: Woman
  • Chapter 14: Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage
  • Chapter 15: The Mystery
  • Chapter 16: End Times


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