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AUTHOR: Martina D. Collymore
PUBLISHER: Independently published 
DATE: 2021

The Overcoming Soul: Breaking Free from Sexual Identity Confusion

by Martina D. Collymore

Note: This book contains virulently anti-queer sentiments. If you are interested in the content for research purposes we strongly recommend sourcing a copy secondhand or contacting the library directly to view our copy instead of financially supporting the author.

I used to be bisexual, perverted and in the church lifting unholy hands.

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of someone torn between their knowledge of God and his values, and their need to mask their secret insecurities and fill their loneliness? A female growing up in church but doing the ‘searching for love’ song and dance to her peril. Hiding attractions to other females who falsely represented her source of value by association and, experimenting with men who dangerously represented her hope for normalcy and acceptance.

In The Overcoming Soul you will find:

  • Minister Martina’s candid outline of scenes from her topsy turvy bisexual journey, as she answers the question ‘what did this look like?’
  • A compassionate, down-to-earth response to what for many (both in and out of church) is a taboo subject area
  • Simple guidelines to help you always win not only the battle against sexual orientation lies but any other destructive thing
  • Red flags for triggers meant to pull you back into the mess you left, and keep you from moving forward and overcoming
  • Proven steps and strategies for cultivating a strong mind that wins
  • Introduction and Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: Am I Bi?
  • Chapter 2: What If I Have a Preference?
  • Chapter 3: Does Bisexuality Reinforce the Gender Binary?
  • Chapter 4: When Should I Come Out?
  • Chapter 5: What’s Dating Like for Bi People?
  • Chapter 6: How Long Has Bisexuality Been Around?
  • Chapter 7: What is Biphobia?
  • Chapter 8: What is Bi Erasure?
  • Chapter 9: What Issues Do Bi People Face?
  • Chapter 10: What’s the Bi Community Like and How Do I Find It?
  • References
  • Resources That Informed the Text
  • Index

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