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AUTHOR: Ivan Hill 
PUBLISHER: Barlina Books
DATE: 1987
PAGES: 264

The Bisexual Spouse: Different Dimensions In Human Sexuality

by Ivan Hill 

Intimate interviewwith bisexual couples, married and divorced — all real people in real situations.

Viewpoints on sexuality expressed by psychiatrists and certified sex therapists in a nationwide survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, Princeton, NJ.

Comments on Sexuality Survey by Judd Marmor, M.D. Life fellow and past President of the American Psychiatric Association and past President of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis.

  • Preface
  • PART 1: Intimate interviews with bisexual couples, married and divorced — all real people in real situations.
    • Chapter 1 — Belinda and Richard: The Ideal Couple
    • Chapter 2 — Jackie and Ben: Misconnections
    • Chapter 3: Marian and Mike: When Idealism is No Longer Enough
    • Chapter 4: Elliot and Anne: Ideals and Commitments
    • Chapter 5: Joe and Betty: Giving Up Parts of Themselves
    • Chapter 6: Mary and David: After the Fact
    • Chapter 7: Other Women: Natalie, Jessica, Jan, Anne
    • Chapter 8: Other Men: Frank, Larry, Ted, Jimmy
  • PART 2: Viewpoints on Sexuality Expressed by Psychiatrists and Sex Therapists in a Nationwide Survey
  • PART 3: Comments on Sexuality Survey and Discussion by Judd Marmor, M. D.


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