EDITOR: Robyn Ochs
CONTRIBUTORS: Kathleen Hepburn, Wayne Bryant, Cianna Stewart, Gilly Rosenthal, Sharon Snyder, Moria Merriweather, Bin Cai, Jeliza Patterson, Rifka Reichler, Margaret Knightely, Amanda Udis-Kessler, Lori-Ann Lima, Julie Easton, Elizabeth Galaznik, Efrain Gonzalez, Rachel Lanzerotti
PUBLISHER: Bisexual Resource Center
DATE: 1996
PAGES: 200

The Bisexual Resource Guide
2nd Edition

edited by Robyn Ochs

The Bisexual Resource Guide does not have significant jacket description or marketing copy. We have included a section from Robyn Ochs’ introduction of the book to give context about the context of the book.

Several years back I was at a conference on bisexuality sponsored by the East Coast Bisexual Network (now the Bisexual Resource Center) and said ‘Wouldn’t it be great if someone made a list of all of the bi groups out there. That way we could all keep in touch with each other.” I remember thinking ‘What a good idea! SOMEBODY should do that” Well, that somebody tumed out to be me. I pulled together the first edition of the International Directory of Bisexual Groups later that year. It was six pages long and listed about 40 groups in a handful of countries.

Things change. Movements grow. Listing 330 bi and 1372 bi-inclusive groups in 25 countries, as well as 164 electronic resources, The Bisexual Resource Guide (Second Edition) is evidence that the bi movement has indeed come a long way. The growth in the number of bi groups is evidence of a burgeoning movement, but perhaps even more powerful a statement is the number of groups which formerly ignored (or even denied access to) bisexual people which now include us. This expansion of “community’ is an international trend, and it will help to make it easier for bisexual people to identify as such, and easier for all of us, lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual, transgendered, and queer, to find comfort with ourselves and a sense of community with others, even if and when our identities change over our lifetimes.

This guide includes several important sections: an annotated “bi-bliography,” an annotated list of recommended films, a merchandise guide, information on safer sex, photos, great quotes, and of course listings of 1.866 resources in 25 countries.

The Bisexual Resource Guide (Second Edition) is truly a community under taking. More than 85 people contributed their time and talents to make it happen. This project couldn’t have happened without you!

  • Introduction
  • Words of thanks
  • What is Bisexuality?
  • Announcements
  • Bi-bliography
  • Film Guide
  • Safer & Sexier: Safer Sex for Bisexuals
  • Directory of Bisexual and Les-Bi-Gay Groups
  • Getting Bi on the Internet
  • Directory of Electronic Resources
  • Final Words
  • Mail Order Form


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