Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution

Life Isn’t Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between book

AUTHOR: Fritz Klein, MD
DATE: 1994
PAGES: 230


Publisher’s Description

The Bisexual Option explores bisexuality, explains the bisexual, and explodes myths surrounding this large “unseen” segment of the population. Now in its second edition, this intriguing book gives an overview of bisexuality. As there is still no book that covers the subject like this one, it is must reading for establishing a contemporary view of bisexuality and those committed to a bisexual lifestyle. Fritz Klein, an experienced psychiatrist and expert in bisexuality and sexual orientation, explains the concept and the variables of sexual orientation and where bisexuality fits.He covers many subjects in the book including:

– myths of bisexual nonexistence and the “either/or” dilemma
– intimacy, both emotional and sexual
– an explanation of bisexuality and the Oedipus Complex
– definitions and examples of the healthy and troubled bisexual
– major sociological findings about bisexuality
– the bisexual in history
– the bisexual as depicted in the arts
– factors that will influence bisexuality in the future

The book helps readers understand where they fit on the sexual orientation continuum. The Bisexual Option aids in explaining who bisexuals are and why they have problems in heterosexual as well as homosexual societies and shows bisexuals that they are not alone. Even helping professionals will find information on this “invisible” but large segment of the population.A variety of readers will want to read The Bisexual Option including the bisexual community and individual bisexuals, the homosexual communities which include many bisexuals, mental health practitioners, psychologists, both students and professionals, university students, married partners of bisexuals, HIV/AIDS workers who wish to become acquainted with how bisexuality affects the risk to the heterosexual community, sexologists, and researchers.

Table of Contents

— Chapter 1. The Threat
— Chapter 2. Toward a Definition
— Chapter 3: “The Bisexual-Intimacy Level”
— Chapter 4: Sexuality and the Oedipus Complex: A New Look
— Chapter 5: The Troubled Bisexual – The Health Bisexual
— Chapter 6: The Troubled Bisexual – Profiles
— Chapter 7: The Healthy Bisexual – Profiles
— Chapter 8: Sociological Findings
— Chapter 9: The Bisexual in History and the Arts
— Chapter 10: The Bisexual Future: Present-Day Factors
APPENDIX A: The Bisexual as Portrayed in the Arts
APPENDIX B: Bisexual Survey Results

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Library Notes

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