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AUTHOR: Lauren Nickodemus & Ellen Desmond (editors)
PUBLISHER: Monstrous Regiment
PAGES: 169

The Bi-ble: Essays and Narratives About Bisexuality (Volume One)

The Bi-ble, Volume 1

edited by Lauren Nickodemus and Ellen Desmond

In today’s social climate, bisexuals inhabit a liminal space between cultures, often misunderstood and criticised by both the straight community and the LGBTQ+ – despite the fact we represent the capital B in that very mix. We’re called fence-sitters, greedy, promiscuous, incapable of decisions or monogamy, or simply dismissed as non-existent like a stubborn urban legend. Bisexuals suffer both the abuse incurred for existence and the erasure that claims nonexistence: a half-life, a state of being and not being, simultaneously too gay and not gay enough.

Because of this and many other factors, the statistics for bisexual wellbeing are bleak – we are more likely to suffer from mental health issues, more likely to be closeted, at higher risk of domestic abuse and assault from partners, and even at higher risk of conditions like heart disease and addiction. It is time to dig into these issues and step out of the liminal space – into a full life where our voices and stories can be heard, and our identities declared valid.

So was born The Bi-ble, a collection of original essays and personal narratives giving platform to the thoughts and experiences relevant to bisexuals today.

This book is not just for bisexuals, though we hope it will unite and inspire those of us who identify as such. It is also an invitation to sharing and understanding, an open book, so to speak, extending a discussion to other communities in the hope of learning more about each other and the beautiful, multifaceted, endlessly complex and individual world of sexuality. (publisher’s copy)

  • Foreward by Lauren James
  • Going Either Way by Chitra Ramaswamy
  • Decline to Answer: Why I’m Making My ‘Invisible’ Bisexuality Your Business by Lisa-Marie Ferla
  • Sexual Assault and Gender: Reflections on a Double Standard by Codi Coday
  • Photographs: Thoughts on Self-Harm, Self-Worth, and Self-Image by Eleanor Reid
  • Growing Up Without “Queer” by Rosy Glen
  • Stuck in the Middle: Being bi and Non-Binary by Robert O’Sullivan
  • California, Here I Come: How the O.C. Helped Me Understand My Bisexual Identity by Lauren Vevers
  • Defining Terms: How I Finally Started Listening to My Brain and Body by Kathryn Lesko
  • ‘Not Like That, Like This’: Bisexuality, Sex, and Chronic Illness by Alice T.
  • Privilege and Privation by Jo Ross-Barrett
  • However It Came to Be: On Being Both Trans and Bisexual by Naomi J. Carroll
  • Five Times I Felt Invisible as a Bisexual Fan (And One Time I Didn’t) by Sarah Barnard
  • A Place to ‘B’ by Laura Clay
  • Girlfriend Wanted: Bisexuals Need Not Apply by Viola Orson
  • On Being Black and Bi-furious by Jayna Tavarez
  • Honorary Lesbian: It’s a Straight Man’s World by Adam Reilly
  • Jigsaw: On Bisexual Representation in LGBTQ+ History by Mel Reeve
  • FML: Fix My Life by Joseph Guthrie
  • Revelations: On Sex, Sexuality, and Religion by Dany Carter
  • References


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