The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television

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book cover of The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television

The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television

AUTHOR: Maria San Filippo
PUBLISHER: Indiana University Press
DATE: 2013
PAGES: 281

Publisher’s Description

In The B Word, Maria San Filippo explores the ways bisexual fantasy opens a space for “bi-curious” engagement, creating a fluid range of identifications and pleasures. In films as diverse as Brokeback Mountain, The Wedding Crashers, Persona, Chasing Amy, and Mulholland Drive, San Filippo finds that bisexual tropes reveal the workings of our culture’s logic of desire. Viewing these and other films with an eye for bisexual “missed moments” of malleable subjectivity and eroticism, The B Word transforms understandings of films previously read exclusively as either homosexual or heterosexual. As San Filippo’s analysis of the promotion and popular reception of these films demonstrates, the entertainment industry both exploits and effaces bisexuality in its appeal to diverse audiences.

Table of Contents

Chasing Amy and Bisexual (In)visibility
Introduction: Binary Trouble and Compulsory Monosexuality
— Unthinking Monosexuality: Bisexual Representability in Art Cinema
— Power Play/s: Bisexuality as Privilege and Pathology in Sexploitation Cinema
— Of Cowboys and Cocksmen: Bisexuality and the Contemporary Hollywood Bromance
— Bisexuality on the Boob Tube
Conclusion: Queer/ing Bisexuality

Library Notes

Paperback. Good condition. Purchased new by the library.

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