Life of Bi: A Slippery History of Bisexuality


Life of Bi: A Slippery History of Bisexuality

Are we living in a bisexual renaissance? From Ancient China to TikTok, writers, hosts and ex-gfs Mary & Ell explore what it really means to be a modern bisexual.


  • Bisexual identity
  • Bisexual culture
  • Bisexual history
  • Biphobia
  • Dating


  • Ep 10: bi its cover
    Can you tell a bi by its cover? Ell and Mary take to the streets and ask total strangers to judge them. They talk bi aesthetics, the history of androgyny, and femme invisibility. Plus an interview with fat fashion icon and bisexual author Bethany Rutter.
  • Ep 6: leaping lesbians
    Ever heard of the Lesbian Sex Wars? The 1970s were rife with separatist lesbians telling people who and how they should f**k. But the bisexuals weren’t listening. Strap up and strap on, it’s about to get kinky. Featuring Patrick Califia.
  • Ep 4: going viral
    Are we like, trendy now?! Bisexual TikTokers get millions of likes for bi-themed dances and songs, but is it really a queer utopia free from shame? Featuring Daz Elborn, Connie Chong, and Jess Ensley.
  • Ep 3: on the down low
    Why all the secrecy? During the AIDS crisis, bisexuals became “the bogeyman” and many had to stay underground. Featuring Dr. Marcus Patterson and Christian Nduwayo.


Mary Higgins
Ell Potter


The podcast focuses entirely on bi/pan/m-spec topics. Hosts Ell and Mary identify as bisexual/queer.

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