SERIES: Earthside, Book #2
AUTHOR: Ana Mardoll
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
DATE: 2016
PAGES: 384

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Publisher’s Description

The evening wasn’t supposed to end in kidnapping, yet despite best laid plans three college students find themselves hauled out of the local bar and into another world. Imprisoned in a nightmarish fairyland where boys are forced to fight horrific monsters for the entertainment of their captors and girls are served up as prizes to the victors, a small group of human captives must learn how to work together in order to survive. Yet trust is difficult in a place where every memory has been ripped away, leaving the young adults unable to remember the first thing about themselves or their pasts. Can they overcome their fears and mistrust of each other and use their newly awakened powers to escape?

Inclusion Criteria

A main character is attracted to multiple genders and polyamorous. The author Ana Mardoll (xie/xer) identifies as queer/bisexual and nonbinary/trans.

Library Notes

Paperback. Purchased new by the library with founder’s funds.