Thank you for believing in the Bi Pan Library’s mission! There are a variety of ways you can support our work and spread our resources to people who can use them.


You can support the library on a monthly basis with a $3+ recurring donation via Patreon.


You can make a single donation of any amount via Ko-fi. One-time donations are used in many ways, such as:

  1. Purchases of books, zines, and other materials.
  2. Web hosting / social media management costs. (The library uses WordPress, MailChimp, and Later.)
  3. Office supply costs such as printer paper and ink, book labels, etc.

If you would like your donation used in a specific way, such as purchase of a particular book, please include this information in your donation note.

The Bi Pan Library is not a registered nonprofit and your donation is not tax-deductible. 

Donate materials

Due to COVID-19 the library does not currently have a P.O. box for accepting donated materials, but we will open one when possible.

If you are a published author or a publishing house and would like to donate a copy of your own book, please feel free to contact us as we may be able to make a mailing exception.


The Bi Pan Library relies on word of mouth as our primary connection to the bi/pan/fluid community — so please, share our work! Do you have a queer friend who loves to read? Is your teacher interested in expanding their queer resources for the classroom? Does your local queer library need help expanding their bi/pan/fluid resources? Would your Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok audience be interested in the Bi Pan Library’s work? Do you run a YouTube channel, blog, or newsletter with a queer audience? We are so grateful for your help extending the library’s resources to people who can use and enjoy them.

The Bi Pan Library has chosen to participate in affiliate marketing programs as a form of fundraising. We receive a small commission (at no cost to you) when you purchase products via the links in our catalogue, blog posts, etc. We have chosen to affiliate with, because your purchases will support independent bookstores and hopefully in turn encourage independent bookstores to stock bi/pan/m-spec books and feature bi/pan/m-spec authors. You can learn more about Bookshop’s affiliate program here.