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AUTHOR: Teejay LeCapois
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
DATE: 2021
PAGES: 440
EAN: 9781105078484

Staying Bi: The Masculine Anthology

by Teejay LeCapois

The Mainstream LGBT Community believes that Male Bisexuality doesn’t exist, and they’re only starting to reluctantly acknowledge the existence of Bisexual Women. Quite a dilemma for Modern Bisexual Men, to be sure. Heterosexual Men are the Epitome of Masculinity, and Queer Men are apparently genetically engineered to dish out advice on Fashion and Relationships to their Eternal Best Pals, Forlorn Heterosexual Women. There is no place for Masculine Bisexual Men. Meet those who just don’t fit in and don’t give a damn what others think. A Bisexual man who checks out Big-Booty Women in Queer Spaces is ostracized by both Straight folks and LGBT because they cannot understand his seemingly unlimited desires. A Heterosexual woman with Legions of Effeminate Gay Male friends is disgusted when the Macho Man she was crushing on turned out to be Bisexual. A Bisexual man who doesn’t want to give up his beloved girlfriend, whom he remains strongly attracted to, is rejected by his Biphobic Gay pals. A Bisexual man who feels unwelcome in LGBT spaces decides to do his own thing. A Bisexual Black man whose rugged Masculinity attracts and repels many in Queer White Spaces calls out those who fetishize and ostracize him because of his race. Bisexual Men do not need permission from LGBT Society or Heterosexual Society in order to exist. Bisexual Men are rejecting the label Queer and choosing to go their own way. They are not confused. They are not in denial. They are unlimited in desire and attraction, as Mother Nature herself made them. Tales of Bisexual Men who fight Biphobia and refuse to appease the Intolerant.


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