Queer Silent Reading Party. Text over collaged purple, black, and white images.
Queer Silent Reading Party. Text over collaged purple, black, and white images.

Our first Queer Silent Reading Party was a smash hit, and we plan to host more! Sign up through the form below to be notified of future event dates.

An hour of silent reading with friends, followed by a short (optional) chat about what we’ve been reading. This is a virtual event! We will provide a Zoom room to gather with chill reading music, and you can choose your own IRL space to read*. Register with the form below to be added to our events mailing list and be notified of the next Queer Silent Reading Party date and time.

*Showing respect for disabled life is required during participation in Bi Pan Library events. If you choose to join the call from a public place (a park, outdoor seating at a coffee shop, etc), please be sure you are taking proper COVID precautions such as masking to protect yourself and your community.

  • Auto-captions will be available via Zoom.
  • Chat messages will be read out loud during the 30 minute discussion at the end of the event.
  • You can join or leave at any time.
  • There will be chill background music playing throughout the event, which you can opt-out of by joining the music-free reading breakout room.
  • Feel free to fidget, rock, stim, craft, knit, snack, pet your dog, etc. while you read.
  • Read however you need — audio, physical, ebook, it’s all great.
  • Do I have to have my camera on? No! You’re welcome to participate however you want. Read privately with camera off, read on-camera, whatever, we’re happy you’re reading.
  • Do I have to read a queer book? If you’re queer, read whatever you want. If you’re not queer, you’re welcome to respectfully share our space… but YES, you need to read a queer book!
  • Can I bring a friend? Definitely! But they should register separately if they are joining from a separate device.

Sign up below to be notified of future Bi Pan Library virtual events like Queer Silent Reading Party, author talks, workshops, and more!

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