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EDITORS: Robyn Ochs,  H. Sharif Williams
CONTRIBUTORS: Abilly S. Jones, Rodney McGruder Brown, Ben Atherton-Zeman, Joshua Turner, Ron J. Suresha, Gregory Lindon Smith, Seth Fischer, Josiah Harris-Adam, Ian Wilson, Joshua Hutchinson, Josh Bergeleen, Kye B., Victor Raymond, PhD, Justin Cascio, Cedric Maurice, Derrick Rice, Andrew Salman, Rich Conrad, Mitch Kellaway, Declan Wiffen, Samati Niyomchai, Andrew Musta, William E. Burleson, Brian Dodge, Phd, Mitchell Plitnick, Kazembe Balagun, David Houston, James Hawkins Howard, Matt Slade, Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé, Juba Kalamka, Richard M. Juang, Anton Petterson, James Hawkins Howard, Richard M. Juang, Miki R, Juba Kalamka, Zane Hannan, Diego D., Muhammad Ali Mendha, James Semmelroth Darnell, Travon Free, Olorin, James Donald Ross, Cameron Kude, Glenn Shiflett, Andrew Milnes, Big Sky Bi, Ramki Ramakrishnan, D. E. Green, D. Dolnick, Justin Adkins, Erik Moore, David B., Silenus Zarkoff, Dan Barry, Forbidden Light, Nate Taylor, Richard M. Juang, Polyhedon
PUBLISHER: Bisexual Resource Center
DATE: 2014
PAGES: 310

REC*OG*NIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men

edited by Robyn Ochs and  H. Sharif Williams

A collection of short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, personal narratives, critical essays and visual art produced by 61 cisgender and transgender bisexual, pansexual, polysexual and fluid men from the United States, Canada, Chile, India, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

This compelling anthology—which also includes a resource section—is a significant contribution to literature available about and by bisexual men and expands our understanding of how bisexuality is lived by men across race, class, gender, age and nationality.

  • Preface by Dr. Herukhuti (H. Sharif Williams)
  • Introduction by Robyn Ochs and Dr. Herukhuti (H. Sharif Williams)
    • Two Peas in a Pod: Letter from a Bisexual Son to a Bisexual Dad by Abilly S. Jones
    • I Am by Anonymous
    • Say it Loud, I’m a Black Bisexual Male and I’m Proud by Rodney McGruder Brown
    • Me, Myself, and Bi by Ben Atherton-Zeman
    • Unconventional by Joshua Turner
    • Genderfuzz, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bisexuality by Ron J. Suresha
    • Why It Matters by Gregory Lindon Smith
    • Notes from a Unicorn by Seth Fischer
    • For Some Reason by Josiah Harris-Adam
    • Labels by Ian Wilson
    • Speak On It by Joshua Hutchinson
    • Ocean’s of a Love Letter: Is One Black Man Loving Another Man the Revolutionary Act of the Twenty-First Century? by Dr. Herukhuti (H. Sharif Williams)
    • This Bi Phase by Josh Bergeleen
    • Ambidextrous in a Righty World by Kye B.
    • With My Feet in Several Worlds by Victor Raymond, PhD
    • Why I Still Go to Pride Events by Justin Cascio
    • Trade by Cedric Maurice
    • The Queen by Derrick Rice
    • Cooking from Scratch: Learning Queer from the Kid’s Menu by Andrew Salman
    • Cooking Longer than Others
    • The Gift by Rich Conrad
    • Energy Can Never be Destroyed by Mitch Kellaway
    • The Right to Confusion by Declan Wiffen
    • Greedy by Samati Niyomchai
    • Safe Spaces by Andres Musta
    • A Day at the Free Clinic by Dr. Herukhuti (H. Sharif Williams)
    • Hot, Safe, Fun by William E. Burleson
    • Scientific Research on Bisexual Men: What Do We Know, and Why Don’t We Know More? by Brian Dodge, PhD
    • We Can Be Heroes by Mitchell Plitnick
    • The Audacity of Black Bisexual Life: Kuwasi Bulagoon as Queer Panther by Kazembe Balagun
    • Skydiving without a Parachute by David Houston
    • That Boy’z Cute by James Hawkins Howard
    • Of Anger and Empowerment by Matt Slade
    • Fictions of Purity by Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé
    • M(aa)f (do you figure?!?) by Juba Kalamka
    • Kink and Violence by Richard M. Juang
    • iii by Anton Petterson
    • More Fully by James Hawkins Howard
    • Female Parts by Richard M. Juang
    • Phallocentrism and Bisexualinvisibility by Miki R.
    • Ambi (righthand) by Juba Kalamka
    • Reactor by Zane Hannan
    • Some Reflections by Diego D.
    • People of the Book by Muhammad Ali Mendha
    • Being a Bi Pastor in the Bible Belt by Rev. James Semmelroth Darnell
    • No Longer Letting Life Pass Me Bi by Travon Free
    • Being a Pansoul by Olorin
    • Journeys Over Time by James Donald Ross
    • Tripping Out by Cameron Kude
    • Aventuras! by Glenn Shiflett
    • The Heart as a Foreign Country by Andrew Milnes
    • Coming Home to Myself by Big Sky Bi
    • Journey To by Muhammad Ali Mendha
    • Conversations with Parents by L. Ramki Ramakrishnan
    • A La Mode de Kahlo: The Lovers by D. E. Green
    • The Great Pugachev by D. Dolnick
    • Wonder by Justin Adkins
    • In the Direction of Greatest Courage by Erik Moore
    • In the Dark by David B.
    • My Kind of Bi by Silenus Zarkoff
    • I Wanna Be in the Middle by Dan Barry
    • Floating by D. Dolnick
    • The Worst Feeling by Forbidden Light
    • Speaking My Truth, Even as My Voice Shakes by Nate Taylor
    • Rules by Richard M. Juang
    • Offworlder by Polyhedon
  • Mapping Sexual Orientation by Robyn Ochs
  • A Bisexual Q&A: Robyn Ochs Interviews Aleta Baldwin M.A.; Jessamyn Bowling M.P.H.; and Brian Dodge PhD
  • Understanding Biphobia by Robyn Ochs
  • Resources for Mixed-Orientation Marriages by Betti Schleyer, PhD
  • Selected Online resources
  • Recent Publications by the Editors
  • So Many Words: a glossary
  • About the Artists and Artwork in this Anthology
  • Index


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