Update 09/26/2021
Fully funded — in under 24 hours!

Thanks to a truly INCREDIBLE show of support from you, our community, we have raised 193% of the campaign goal! We’re taking a day or two to comparison shop nicer, sturdier printers than we had originally planned to purchase, then this page will be updated once a model is picked and the order placed. We cannot express enough appreciation — this new tool will be game changing.

Original campaign post 09/25/2021
The library’s printer is broken (RIP) and we need your help!

Printing and especially scanning are essential to the work we do sharing out-of-print and rare resources with journalists, authors, educators, students, and all of you here on Instagram. Small donations add up, and we would appreciate your help replacing our office printer so we can get back to preserving and sharing bi/pan/fluid history with the world.

How the funds will be used:

⁠- If we raise the full $400-500, we will upgrade to a high-capacity cartridge-free all-in-one printer to best suit our needs and be friendlier to the environment. The model we are currently considering is the Epson EcoTank ET-4850 All-in-One Printer. ⁠

⁠- If we raise $200-300, we will purchase an all-in-one printer with fewer bells and whistles, ideally still a cartridge-free model. ⁠

⁠- If we raise only $150 or less, the funds will be placed in our library savings account and used for a printer once we raise/save the additional funds necessary for an all-in-one printer that suits our needs. ⁠

⁠- If our community goes above and beyond to raise OVER $500, we will purchase an even higher quality sturdy printer that will allow us to begin printing our own zines, posters, and brochures for the Bi Pan Library shop and free distribution to queer youth centers. ⁠

⁠- Any excess funds will be used for printer materials such as acid-free paper and ink, etc. ⁠

What a printer will help us do:

⁠- Scan old, rare, and out of print materials for use by journalists, authors, educators, students, and other folks doing research into bi/pan/fluid/m-spec issues. ⁠

⁠- Print brochures, zines, stickers, posters, and other materials for the Bi Pan Library’s use, free distribution to queer youth centers and other organizations, and as perks for our coming-soon Patreon page. ⁠

⁠- Print hard copies of digital resources such as studies, articles, zines, etc. for the library’s reference. ⁠

⁠- Other misc. office purposes.⁠

Can’t afford to donate? Spread the word!

You can use the images below to spread the fundraiser (right click to save), and feel free to use any of the wording from this webpage in your posts.

Thank so much you for your support!

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