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Preventative Health Measures for Lesbian & Bisexual Women

AUTHOR: By Shelly Kerr & Robin Mathy
PUBLISHER: The Haworth Medical Press
DATE: 2006
PAGES: 143

Publisher’s Description

The lack of information about lesbian and bisexual women’s health can in part be attributed to the lack of health research focused on this population. Preventive Health Measures for Lesbian and Bisexual Women helps fill this gap by providing the latest empirical, evidence-based research to address current health care issues confronted by sexual minority women (SMW). This vital source explores several diverse factors constraining the ability of lesbian and bisexual women of color to receive proper health care and exercise preventative health measures including discrimination, oppression, and stigmatization.

The reasons behind several SMW health risks are psychosocial and behavioral factors often not considered by health practitioners. Preventive Health Measures for Lesbian and Bisexual Women examines these factors in detail and provides a firm starting point for further research and ways to best address the challenges. Studies on SMW behavior and perceptions reveal how lesbians and bisexual women make choices on various vital health issues such as alcohol use, nutrition, weight management, exercise, safer sex practices, sunscreen use, and self-breast examination. The research in this book is of the highest quality, the discussions on the findings top-notch, and the conclusions important for every policymaker, health practitioner, and researcher to understand.

Research topics in Preventive Health Measures for Lesbian and Bisexual Women include:

Preventive Health Measures for Lesbian and Bisexual Women is timely, crucial information for health practitioners of all types, women’s activists, public health professionals, and researchers.

Table of Contents

Preventative Health Behaviors Among Lesbian and Bisexually Identified Women
Cancer Prevention and Screening Behaviors in Lesbians
Sexual Minority Women’s Interactions with Breast Cancer
Community Support, Community Values,:The Experiences of Lesbians Diagnosed with Cancers
Psychosocial Responses to Treatment for Breast Cancer Among Lesbian and Heterosexual Women
Consequences of Frequenting the Lesbian Bar
Comparing Sexual Minority Status Across Sampling Methods

Library Notes

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