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EDITOR: The Bisexual Anthology Collective
CONTRIBUTORS: Ann Dector, Leanna McLennan, Sharon Lewis, Nancy Chater, Lilith Finkler, karen/miranda augustine, Shlomit Segal, Janice Williamson, Indigo Chih-Lien Som, Zélie Pollon, Cyndy Head, Susan Kane, Leanna McLennan, Sarah Cortez, Shai Dhali, Leela Acharya, Amina, Amita, Farzana Doctor, Nupur Gogia, Leanne Franson, Margaret Christakos, Tracy Charette Fehr, Louise Bak, Steph Rendino, Pamela Lipshutz, Elehna de Sousa, Cyndy Head, Camie Kim, Victoria Freeman, christina starr, Irene J. Nexica, Michele Spring-Moore, Melina, Huda Jadallah, Pearl Saad, Laurie A. Cooper, Michelle E. Hynes, Edith R. Westfall, Hannah Hoffman, Robyn Ochs.
PUBLISHER: Sister Vision: Black Women and Women of Color Press
DATE: 1995
PAGES: 299

Plural Desires: Writing Bisexual Women’s Realities

edited by The Bisexual Anthology Collective

“If you’re looking for a simple answer to the question: what does it mean to be a bisexual woman, then this isn’t the right book for you. If you want complexity, and an entire chorus of diverse voices and experiences, then take this book home with you. Filled with poetry, autobiography, erotica, cartoons, interviews and artwork, Plural Desires is the joyful sound of many women’s voices, each singing her own story.”
~Robyn Ochs, Bisexual Resource Guide

This fiery collection breathes new energy into smoldering debates about who’s queer, who isn’t, what it means, how and why it matters. The authors offer a basket of ripe, mixed fruit: essays, first-person narratives, interviews, sexual fiction, cartoons, poetry. From diverse cultural and national backgrounds, they interrogate the ways in which bisexuality intersects with differences of race, ethnicity, age, region, and dis/ability. Brave and unapologetic, Plural Desires pushes all of us to reconsider the utility of holding fast to the binary division of heterosexuality and homosexuality. It advocates “leaky categories” in the broad campaign for polymorphous sexual diversity. With immense cheek, this book kicks the lid off intolerance; it charges at contradictions; it promises to keep you up at night. Without a doubt in mind, it must be read.”
~ Becky Ross, Assistant Prrofessor, Anthropology/Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of British Columbia


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