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The Bi Pan Library’s resources will always be offered completely free, but community funding helps us maintain the website and continue increasing access to bi/pan/fluid media and history. ⁠

$3 – Solidarity

  • Exclusive access to the quarterly patron newsletter, which includes reviews & recommendations, research tidbits, and updates on what your funding was used for that quarter.
  • Behind-the-scenes of the library’s creation process, including photos and text posts about the design process of brochures, zines, and booklists, early updates on new site features, etc.

$10 – Community

  • Opt-in perk: Thank-you letter in the mail when you pledge. Letters will always be mailed discreetly in a nondescript envelope.
  • Opt-in perk: physical copies of new materials. Whenever the library releases new original materials such as brochures, zines, postcards, buttons, etc, we will post a Google form allowing you to opt-in to receiving a copy.

$30 – Education

Pledging $30 per month sponsors 1-2 fiction book purchases for the library. That means if you pledge $30 per month for a year, you’ll add 12-24 fiction books to the library’s shelves!

  • Opt-in: Thank-you letter in the mail.
  • Opt-in: Physical copies of new library materials in the mail.
  • Quarterly patron newsletter. 
  • Behind-the-scenes updates. 

Custom Pledges!

Did you know you can pledge ANY amount on Patreon? With a custom pledge you can support the library monthly with less than $3, more than $100, or anything in between. And you can still receive the perks of any tiers below the amount you pledge!

Simply select the tier with the rewards you wish to receive (for instance, $10 for a thank-you card) and adjust your pledge $ to a different amount at checkout.

text What is the Bi Pan Library?

Welcome to the Bi Pan Library! I’m Bren, a disabled bi activist and independent researcher based in the Pacific Northwest. I started the Bi Pan Library in 2015 as a private collection, and since then it has blossomed into a physical archive and online directory of all kinds of bi, pan, and m-spec* media, from books to magazines to podcasts and more. (M-spec, short for multiple-attraction spectrum, is an umbrella term for any orientation that involves attraction to multiple genders.) My hope was to increase access to m-spec media, create m-spec specific resources for the queer community, and provide research assistance to students, educators, queer organizations, researchers, journalists, and community-seeking bi, pan, and m-spec people. 

Since going public, the library resources have begun all of that work! Our collection today includes 400+ books, 100+ magazines, 50+ zines, and dozens of pieces of memorabilia such as patches and pins. I’ve assisted several authors with queer history research, contributed to publications like Larker Anthology and Bi The Way: The Bisexual Guide to Life, and given interviews on shows like BBB podcast and The AmBIssadors.

With your help, the library can contribute even more to the wide and wonderful world of queer education! 

Until 2021, the costs of running the library (supplies, website maintenance, media acquisitions) was covered almost entirely by my personal funds, with only occasional small donations from the library’s community on social media. I’ve loved building this little library, and have been very privileged to get as far as I have on my own. But at this point, the function and service of the project is beyond what I can fund single-handedly.

Becoming a patron assists the Bi Pan Library’s in expanding resources and services, and sharing m-spec culture with the world on social media, and preserving m-spec history for years to come. Your pledges will cover media acquisitions, website maintenance, office supplies, and other miscellaneous costs of running the library, as well as compensating myself and other collaborating activists/creators for our work. Eventually, I hope to have the budget to compensate a couple other people for help with running the website, reading/reviewing, and conducting research.

I encourage you to pledge primarily with the purpose of supporting the library — the perks have been carefully chosen to allow me time, energy and money to both fulfill promises to patrons and continue the work you’re supporting! Also note that you can pledge any amount — less than our lowest tier and higher than our highest tier! You can customize your pledge and the perks you wish to receive at checkout.

text Thank you for your support!