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AUTHOR: Stephanie Norris, Emma Read (editor)
PUBLISHER: Pan Books Ltd
DATE: 1985
PAGES: 223

Out In The Open: People Talking About Being Gay Or Bisexual

edited by Stephanie Norris, Emma Read

What does it feel like to discover you’re gay or bisexual? How do families, friends and colleagues react? What problems face gays in today’s society?

At last– a book which shows the first-hand experiences of gays and bisexuals with others. Drawing on hundreds of letters and interviews, the authors provide fascinating insights into the lives of gay and bisexual men and women of all ages and from all walks of life.

Here are the joys and the problems of those who have”come out” and those who haven’t; of teenagers coming to terms with homosexuality; of married gays ; of gays with children; and those who discover their sexual tendencies at a later age – all recounting their experiences in their own words.

Simple, honest and down to earth, this book briefly attempts to bridge the gap between gays and heterosexuals and provides revealing and and enlightening reading on a subject which is increasingly being brought out in the open.


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