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AUTHOR: Karina Manta
PUBLISHER: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
DATE: 2021
PAGES: 336

On Top of Glass: My Stories as a Queer Girl in Figure Skating

by Karina Manta

An insightful memoir from a figure skating champion about her life as a bisexual professional athlete. Karina Manta has had a busy few years: Not only did she capture the hearts of many with her fan-favorite performance at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, she also became the first female figure skater on Team USA to come out as queer. Her Modern Love essay I Can’t Hate My Body if I Love Hers was published in the New York Times, and then she joined the circus–Cirque du Soleil’s on-ice show, AXEL.

Karina’s memoir covers these experiences and much more. Attending a high school with 4,000 students, you’d expect to know more than two openly gay students, but Karina didn’t meet an out-lesbian until she was nearly seventeen–let alone any other kind of queer woman. But this isn’t just a story about her queerness. It’s also a story about her struggle with body image in a sport that prizes delicate femininity. It’s a story about panic attacks, and first crushes, and all the crushes that followed, and it’s a story about growing up, feeling different than everybody around her and then realizing that everyone else felt different too. 


Author Karina Manta identifies as bisexual / queer.


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