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AUTHOR: Garrett Jones
PUBLISHER: Independently published
DATE: 2020 (originally as an ebook in 2017)
PAGES: 337

On Being Bisexual: A Male Perspective

by Garrett Jones

This is a new edition of an online book titled “Coming Clean About Bisexuality”. The Kindle edition has been revised and updated.

The author is a married bisexual who has lived and worked in three different continents, learning a great deal about differing sexual attitudes in the process. He has two daughters and four grandchildren. All his extra-marital sex has been with males and he talks frankly about these episodes, some of which were ongoing for many years. He does not regard anal sex as truly homsexual and gives his reasons, revealing at the same time the kinds of malesex he finds most fulfilling – and the safest. He accepts the findings of Freud, KInsey and others who have found that most people are neither exclusively straight or gay but somewhere in between, depending on which way their basic sex drive operates and on circumstances. The point he stresses is that nobody should merely follow a trend which may not suit them at all; the need is for everybody to find the sexual lifestyle which they feel most at home with and brings them and their partners the greatest sense of completion, since too many ot us are still trying to suppress a side of ourselves which badly needs to find expression. There are many illuminating insights from various novelists and thinkers.


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