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AUTHOR: Justin Vicari
DATE: 2011
PAGES: 247 

Male Bisexuality in Current Cinema: Images of Growth, Rebellion, and Survival

by Justin Vicari

In recent decades, male bisexuality has become a recurring topic in international cinema, as filmmakers and their works challenge our ideas about sexual freedom and identity. In all of these films, more than a dozen of which are covered here, bisexuality is treated both as an actual practice and a complex metaphor for a number of things, including the need to adapt to changing environments, the questioning of rigidly traditional male roles and identities, the breakdown and regeneration of the structures of families, the limitations of monogamy, and the stubborn affirmation of romantic love.

  • Preface
  • Introduction: Searching for Bob Elkin
  • Part 1. Personal Visions
    • 1. Fifteen Minutes of the Future: François Ozon’s A Summer Dress
    • 2. To Bend Without Breaking: Bisexuality and Adaptation in the Films of André Téchiné
    • 3. Tentative, Tender… and Trendy? Gregg Araki’s Teen Trilogy
    • 4. Rock Star Bisexuality in Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmind
  • Part 2. Matters of Love and Death
    • 6. Making the Man: the Bisexual Hero
    • 7. Illegible Patriarchies: Bisexualizing the Family
    • 8. Fazes and Mazes: Inside the Triangle
    • Part 3. Matters of Love and Death
    • 9. The Schoolboy Crush and its Ambiguous Object
    • 10. Turning It On and Off: “Bi for Pay”
    • 11. Allegories of AIDS
    • 12. In His Wake: The Strange Power of the Dead Bisexual
    • 13. At the Limits of Heterosexuality: The Woman’s Viewpoint in Anatomy of Hell
  • Conclusion: “It’s All Good”
  • Chapter Notes
  • Works Cited
  • Index


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