Living Revision: A Writers Craft as Spiritual Practice

AUTHOR: Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew
PUBLISHER: Skinner House Books
DATE: 2017
PAGES: Unknown

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Publisher’s Description

In Living Revision, award-winning author and teacher Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew guides writers through the writing and revision process. With insight and grace, Andrew asks writers to flex their spiritual muscles, helping them to transform their writing as they in turn transform into more curious and reflective human beings. Her expertly honed techniques, exercises, and personal examples will help writers invigorate their work and themselves as they engage the human heart within and across the page. Living Revision is no mere guide with tips and tricks—although it does have those—but a deep and reflective well for writers to draw from as they strengthen their relationship to the creative source.

Inclusion Criteria

Author Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew identifies as bisexual.

Library Notes

Paperback. Purchased used by the library.

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