Hybrid: Bisexuals, Multiracials, and Other Misfits under American Law biracial bisexual

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Hybrid: Bisexuals, Multiracials, and Other Misfits under American Law

AUTHOR: Ruth Colker
PUBLISHER: New York University Press
DATE: 1996
PAGES: 300

Publisher’s Description

The United States, and the West in general, has always organized society along bipolar lines. We are either gay or straight, male or female, white or not, disabled or not. In recent years, however, America seems increasingly aware of those who defy such easy categorization. Yet, rather than being welcomed for the challenges that they offer, people living the gap are often ostracized by all the communities to which they might belong.

Bisexuals, for instance, are often blamed for spreading AIDS to the heterosexual community and are regarded with suspicion by gays and lesbians. Interracial couples are rendered invisible through monoracial recordkeeping that confronts them at school, at work, and on official documents.

In Hybrid, Ruth Colker argues that our bipolar classification system obscures a genuine understanding of the very nature of subordination. Acknowledging that categorization is crucial and unavoidable in a world of practical problems and day-to-day conflicts, Ruth Colker shows how categories can and must be improved for the good of all

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction: Living the Gap
Chapter 2: A Bi Jurisprudence
Chapter 3: Sexual Orientation
Chapter 4: Gender
Chapter 5: Race
Chapter 6: Disability
Chapter 7: Bipolar Injustice: The Moral Code
Chapter 8: Invisible Hybrids under the U.S. Census

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Hardback, missing dust jacket. Remainder marks on pages. Former library book. In good shape otherwise.
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