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AUTHOR: Areti-Kristin Bouras
PUBLISHER: Grin Verlag
DATE: 2020

How is Pansexuality Discussed in the Current Academic Debate in Sexuality Studies?

by Areti-Kristin Bouras

Seminar paper from the year 2018 in the subject Gender Studies, grade: 1,3, University of Göttingen.

In this paper the question about how pansexuality is currently discussed in the academic debate in sexuality studies will be raised. Given the ever-increasing rates on Google since 2004 with the highest point reaching in 2012, it can be stated that pansexuality is a topic that drives the people. In the academic debate pansexuality is also getting more and more attention, since the number of papers and publications regarding the topic is rising since 2013. This suggests that pansexuality is not only gaining importance in the academic field but also raises attention among the public. Although the topic is gaining more and more attention and importance, pansexuality is still often confused with bisexuality and other so called non-monosexualities. Certainly, doing further research in this area could lead to a bigger understanding of the differences between these two. By improving the methods to study these sexualities, more efficient research could be done, because as it will be shown in the following, researchers often have problems finding the right method to get to the kind of people they need for their study.

  • Introduction and Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: Am I Bi?
  • Chapter 2: What If I Have a Preference?
  • Chapter 3: Does Bisexuality Reinforce the Gender Binary?
  • Chapter 4: When Should I Come Out?
  • Chapter 5: What’s Dating Like for Bi People?
  • Chapter 6: How Long Has Bisexuality Been Around?
  • Chapter 7: What is Biphobia?
  • Chapter 8: What is Bi Erasure?
  • Chapter 9: What Issues Do Bi People Face?
  • Chapter 10: What’s the Bi Community Like and How Do I Find It?
  • References
  • Resources That Informed the Text
  • Index

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