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AUTHOR: Zoe Whittall
PUBLISHER: House of Anansi Press
DATE: 2009
PAGES: 312
AWARDS: Stonewall Book Award Nominee for Literature (2011), Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction (2011)

Holding Still for as Long as Possible

by Zoe Whittall

What is it like to grow into adulthood with the war on terror as your defining political memory, with SARS and Hurricane Katrina as your backdrop? In this robust, elegantly plotted, and ultimately life-affirming novel, Zoe Whittall presents a dazzling portrait of a generation we’ve rarely seen in literature — the twenty-five-year olds who grew up on anti-anxiety meds, text-messaging each other truncated emotional reactions, unsure of what’s public and what’s private.

Zoe Whittall fulfills the promise of her acclaimed first novel, Bottle Rocket Hearts, with this extraordinary novel set in Toronto’s seedy-but-gentrifying Parkdale. Revolving around three interlocking lives, it offers, among other things, a detailed inside look at the work of paramedics, and entertaining celebrity gossip. 


A main character (Amy) is attracted to multiple genders. Other main characters may also be attracted to multiple genders.



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