AUTHOR: adrienne maree brown
DATE: 2021
PAGES: 198

Holding Change: The Way of Emergent Strategy Facilitation and Mediation

by adrienne maree brown

Before she was an NYT bestselling author, adrienne was known for her work as a facilitator, mediator, and teacher. She still travels the country helping organizations, especially Black organizations, clarify their goals, articulate their values, and negotiate conflicts. This work is based on her theory of Emergent Strategy and often takes the shape of multi-day workshops called “Emergent Strategy Immersions.” In adrienne’s verson, facilitation and mediation aren’t simply tools for organizations, they are life skills that we all must practice, and through which the goals and values of organizations will align with those of the individuals within them. This is to say that this is not just a book for nonprofits. Her core audience has been requesting a book on applying Emergent Strategy to facilitation and mediation work for a long time. This book will serve as a textbook for the many workshops adrienne gives each year and a primer for everyone else. The book is a deeper dive into practicing Emergent Strategy in real time, drawing from the lessons of her facilitation work, and a year and a half of experiments with immersing people into emergent strategy community through her Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute. The book will be intriguingly structured, with the introduction (or Heart) in the middle and the front and back halves of the book devoted to Facilitation and Mediation respectively. Beyond that, it borders on a choose-your-own-adventure book in that the lessons are brief and to the point, highly practical, and you can move through the book in a number of ways to meet your needs. Adrienne’s approach is rooted in a Black feminist worldview. These days, the world is hungry to hear more about that worldview and to take leadership and learn best practices from it.


Author adrienne maree brown identifies as bisexual / queer.


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