Girlfag: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals

AUTHOR: Janet W. Hardy
PUBLISHER: Beyond Binary Books
DATE: 2012
PAGES: 192
AWARDS: Bisexual Book Awards Nominee for Non Fiction (2012)

Publisher’s Description

Girlfags – women who love, are attracted to, and identify with gay men – are a growing community with a growing voice. Girlfags are not fag hags – fag hags enjoy gay men as company; girlfags enjoy them as bedmates and peers. Girlfags are everywhere.

Janet notes, “I get much the same reaction when I mention ‘girlfags’ as I used to when I talked about ‘ethical sluts’ – a sudden lighting up of the eyes, a giggle, and a startled ‘Hey, that’s *me*!”‘ And Facebook groups, Yahoo groups, a Wikipedia entry, a LiveJournal blog, and a television series called Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys offer signs that The Age of the Girlfag is at hand.

Janet’s book is a memoir and much more. It visits girlfags past and present (from Pharaoh Hatshepsut through Mary Renault), it meanders through the shifting meanings of gender and orientation, and it spends a whole lot of time at the theater (Janet is not just a girlfag, she’s also a showtune queen).

Inclusion Criteria

Author Janet W. Hardy identifies as bisexual.

Library Notes

Paperback. Purchased used by the library with founder’s funds.

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