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EDITORS: Norrina Rashid and Jane Hoy
DATE: 2000
PAGES: 162

Girl 2 Girl: The Lives and Loves of Young Lesbian and Bisexual Women

edited by Norrina Rashid and Jane Hoy

Girls from across the UK write from the heart about being gay or bi, coming out or falling in love. With advice, true stories, and how to find other girls like you, this book might just change your life!

  • “The first time I kissed a woman I could have collapsed… It felt like I had always imagined a kiss should feel.”
  • “I don’t remember when it was that I actually thought, Oh my God, I fancy the bridesmaid!”
  • “People say bi-try is a big student thing – well it is, and I’m loving it!”
  • “I asked my dad if he had ever considered sleeping with a man. He said no. I said, ‘Well neither have I.'”
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  • Chapter 1: Dreams and Dilemmas
    • Tell all: where will you be in 10 years?
    • New Doors poem by Anon
    • Nightmare diary entry by Lee (17)
    • In the Beginning poem by Fran (21)
    • Tell all: What first made you think you fancied girls?
    • In the Beginning There Was Beauty by Su Davidson (18)
    • When I Was 13 by Kelly (21)
    • Little Girl poem by Carla (15)
    • Thunder by Kate Holmes
    • Cool to Be Queer? by Natalie
    • Aunt Fanny & the Agony Gang: I think I’m bi… what shall I do?
  • Chapter 2: Who Do You think You Are?
    • We Are Like Clothes by Nicola Wood (21)
    • “Cyberchick” Chats with Lisa About Being Bi: I’m not sitting on the fence by Lisa (20)
    • No Longer Hidden By a Wardrobe poem by Hannah (16)
    • I Think I Always Knew by Liz (19)
    • Reluctantly Gay by Ruth Hunt (20)
    • Aunt Fanny & the Agony Gang: Help! I am questioning my sexuality and feel confused — what can I do?
    • Because the Heart Isn’t Where We Think It Is by Joni (18)
    • Coming to Terms with my Sexuality by Becky (17)
    • My Journey into a Queer World by Rebecca Grieg (21)
    • Transgender Tale by Andrew James (18)
    • Auntie Fanny and the Agony Gang: I don’t feel like a girl… I want to change sex
    • I Can’t Tell poem by Jen Ashton (19)
    • Escape poem by Anna Stimpson (20)
    • Tell All: What’s your message to young lesbians?
    • God Made Me Like This interview with Naz (19) and Salima (21)
    • Seek and Ye Shall Find by Julia Collar
  • Chapter 3: Friends and Family
    • Tell All: What’s so great about the youth group?
    • For Being Me by Heather (17)
    • More Lesbians in Runcorn than Just Me! interview with Zoey (15)
    • Sexreality by Nina
    • Somewhere to Chill Out & Chat: an insider’s report on the First Out youth group
    • Making a Drama Out of It by Alis Roberts (17)
    • Taking the Lead by Gina Roberts (21)
    • Father of Two interview with father Tony
    • My Daughter: Linda Deakin’s relationship with her lesbian daughter and her gay son by mother Linda Deakin
    • Dear Grandma Doris by Sam
    • My Auntie is a Lesbian by Kate
  • Chapter 4: Out in the World
    • Coming Out by Lucy (18)
    • Discovering Myself by Jen Ashton (19)
    • More coming out stories: Dee, Reena, Sue D, Sarah, Shani, Sam, Kate, Liz, Jen, Julia, Mel, Carly, Julia, Cassie
    • 3 Words poem by Joni (18)
    • Nasty Comments poem by Sara (19)
    • Bullied at School by Lorraine (18)
    • Homophobia poem by Sara (19)
    • Not the Only Fruit: a young lesbian group at Phase, East London
    • Despised poem by Jodie Kearley
    • What being a lesbian means to me art by Julia Collar
    • Freak poem by Emma (21)
    • Phase Fightback: Vaccination, Isolation, Only Human poem by Tracy, Adele, Layla, Sarah, and Fiona (16-23) members of Not the Only Fruit
    • Wake Up, We’re in 2000!: A message to schools and colleges: what you can do about homophobia
    • Youth Worker’s View by Julia Tipton
    • Scrap the Section! by Sarah (18)
  • Chapter 5: Living the Life
    • Village life by Jez (18)
    • It’s Odd Being a Dyke by Laura Sheppard (18)
    • Here’s Me! by Fiona Johnstone (20)
    • The Year was 1998: going away to university can be a turning points by Charlotte Watson (19)
    • Keep It Under Wraps by Hannah (16)
    • Who’s Teaching Who?: a student and her teacher talk with jane Hoy about their lives and friendship interview with Sarah (18) and Angela (teacher)
    • Scared poem by Stephanie Mann (19)
    • Suicidal poem by Nicola Wood (21)
    • Listen To Me!: what to do when your counsellor can’t help
    • Auntie Fanny and the Agony Gang: Life’s so hard, I’m depressed, and I have these urges to harm myself
    • Getting Grief at Work
    • Bus Journey by Sara (19)
    • Tell All: how do you deal with nasty comments?
  • Chapter 6: Love, Lust, Loss
    • The First Time I Kissed A Woman by Stephanie Mann (19)
    • Tell All: what makes girls sexy?
    • The Lighting Changes by Nicola Sidgewick
    • This Is My Hand poem by Nicola Sidgewick
    • WH Smiths Bird by Anna “Stimpy” Stimpson (21)
    • She by Stephanie Mann
    • Train Pulling poem by Anna Stimpson
    • Three-Way Snog by Babs
    • Forbidden Love poem by Amy Hanson (16)
    • As Women We Are Sacred by Emma, Fran, and Heather
    • Secret Signs by Nicola Wood (21)
    • Charlotte by Kate Holmes
    • Now That ‘Us’ Is Just Me by Joni (16)
    • Bi-Try in Belfast by Babs
    • Tell All: What’s brilliant about being a bi girl?
    • Superdyke: Julia Collar’s story of how she grew to accept herself by Julia Collar (21)
  • Chapter 7: Info Zone
    • Work It Out: Getting hassle from workmates? Or just want to come out? You need some expert adviceWords (definitions)
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  • Working With Girl: Norrina Rashid talks about her experience of working with young women
  • Picking up the Pieces: Jane Hoy stresses that colleges and universities need to be a safe place


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