AUTHOR: Margot Wood
PUBLISHER: Harry N. Abrams
DATE: 2021
PAGES: 352

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Publisher’s Description

Some students enter their freshman year of college knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives. Elliot McHugh is not one of those people. But picking a major is the last thing on Elliot’s mind when she’s too busy experiencing all that college has to offer—from dancing all night at off-campus parties, to testing her RA Rose’s patience, to making new friends, to having the best sex one can have on a twin-sized dorm room bed. But she may not be ready for the fallout when reality hits. When the sex she’s having isn’t that great. When finals creep up and smack her right in the face. Or when her roommate’s boyfriend turns out to be the biggest a-hole. Elliot may make epic mistakes, but if she’s honest with herself (and with you, dear reader), she may just find the person she wants to be. And maybe even fall in love in the process . . . Well, maybe.

Inclusion Criteria

A main character (Elliot) identifies as label-free and attracted to people of many genders. Author Margot Wood identifies as bisexual.

Library Notes

Hardback. Purchased new by the library with founder’s funds.

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