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AUTHOR: Susie Hara
PUBLISHER: Ithuriel’s Spear
DATE: 2014
PAGES: 204
AWARDS: Lambda Literary Award Nominee for Bisexual Fiction (2015)

Finder of Lost Objects

by Susie Hara

Sadie García Miller—Jewish Latina sleuth—finds lost, treasured objects for her clients, but she’s not always so good at finding what she herself is missing. When Grace Valdez walks into Sadie’s office, it seems like a straightforward enough job: locate Grace’s brother to find her lost book, a talisman of sorts and a gift from her long-dead mamá. In Sadie’s hunt for the book, she travels from San Francisco’s Mission District to the Latino communities of the Central Valley, and south to Hollywood. Along the way she discovers an elusive actress, stumbles on a murder investigation, and is besieged by surfacing memories of her union-organizer father’s death. As she gropes her way, fueled by her own obsessions, she meets Molly—a voluptuous dream-girl on a motorcycle—and reconnects with her old flame Rob, a community activist with killer green eyes. But when the person she loves most goes missing, she must use her sharpest skills for the most important search of her life.


Lambda Literary Award Nominee for Bisexual Fiction (2015).



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