Closer to Home: Bisexuality and Feminism

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cover of book Closer to Home: Bisexuality and Feminism

Closer to Home: Bisexuality and Feminism

AUTHOR: Elizabeth Reba Weise (editor)
DATE: 1992
PAGES: 330

Publisher’s Description

Today a bold new movement of bisexuals has emerged, demanding recognition for the truth of their lives — for their desire and love for both sexes. This dynamic collection focuses on the voices of bisexual women, who tell of the choices they have made and still make. Women who debate what sexual fluidity means in terms of everyday choices. Women passionately engaged as feminists in exploring the crucial intersections between ideology and reality.

An anthology of deeply reasoned and intensely felt essays by long time activists as well as by young new voices, Closer to Home: Bisexuality and Feminism breaks ground in feminist and “queer” discourse and will speak to many readers who have wondered where they fit into today’s sexual politics.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Elizabeth Reba Weise
— Refusing Certainty: Toward a Bisexuality of Wholeness by Ruth Gibian
— Our Selves, Growing Whole by Margaret Mihee Choe
— To Be Bisexual and Underclass by Elizabeth McKeon
— Coming Out as Heterosexual by Nina Silver
— The Roots of Biphobia: Racism and Internalized Heterosexism by Brenda Marie Blasingame
— Why Bi? by Dvora Zipkin
— Breaking Silence About the “B-Word”: Bisexual Identity and Lesbian-Feminist Discourse
— The Language of Desire: Sexuality, Identity, and Language by Rebecca Ripley
— “A Pretty Good Bisexual Kiss There…” by Susanna Trnka
— Where Healing Becomes Possible by Sharon Gonsalves
— Bisexuality, Feminism, Men, and Me by Robyn Ochs
— Some Thoughts on Power, Gender, Body Image and Sex in the Life of One Bisexual Lesbian Feminist by Vashti Zabatinsky
— Bisexuality and the Quest for Principled Loving by Rebecca Shuster
— Breaking the Rules: Constructing a Bisexual Feminist Marriage by Amanda Yoshizaki
— Living with Contradictions by Diane Anderson
— Is Sexual Orientation a Secondary Sex Characteristic? by Eridani
— Closer to Home: Bisexual Feminism and the Transformation of Hetero/sexism by Amanda Udis-Kessler
— Feminist Bisexuality: A Both/And Option for an Either/Or World by Kathleen Bennett
— Holly Near and Yet So Far by Beth Elliott
— Bisexual Feminist Politics: Because Bisexuality is Not Enough by Karin Baker
— Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Bisexual Existence: Toward a Bisexual Feminist Understanding of Heterosexism by Rebecca Kaplan
— Who Are We and Where Do We Go From Here? Conceptualizing Bisexuality by Paula C. Rust
— Appendix: Notes on the Kinsey Scale and Other Measures of Sexuality by Amanda Udis-Kessler
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Library Notes

Paperback. Former library copy with peeling tape and rubbed edges. Mostly clean pages.
Former property of Wildwood School Secondary Library in California.
Purchased secondhand by the library.