Bi, Pan, & M-spec Nonfiction

The most comprehensive listing of bisexual, pansexual, and m-spec nonfiction on the internet. Explore over a century of writing by and about m-spec experience — the good, the bad, and the complicated.

Memoir & Biography

Discover the life stories of m-spec people throughout the ages and around the globe. We’ve organized our memoirs by date published so you can see at a glance the m-spec footprint on history.

Queer Nonfiction

Our queer nonfiction collection informs issues surrounding m-spec identity in queer community and history. The work of m-spec people has pushed queer theory and activism forward for decades! 

General Nonfiction

The work of m-spec people has made universal impact outside of queer issues. We gather books about pop culture, food, self help, radical politics, and more from the perspective of bi, pan, and m-spec authors. 


We hold a small but precious collection of poetry by m-spec people in the Bi Pan Library shelves, ranging from great queer poets of the past to new work by contemporary bi, pan, and m-spec poets.


There have only been a handful of periodicals focused on bi, pan, and m-spec issues life. Our magazine directory lists every publication we are aware of — past and present — that makes space for m-spec people.


Please keep in mind that the Bi Pan Library is an archive, not a recommendation service. A book’s inclusion on our shelves does not guarantee “good representation” or a pleasant reading experience. We encourage concerned readers to research trigger warnings and tropes before picking up a book on our shelves.

Adult Fiction

There’s something for everyone! Our fiction collection is organized by genre, so you can find all kinds of bi, pan, and m-spec books from space travel to short stories to steamy romance. 

Young Adult Fiction

Young adult is our largest fiction collection — m-spec representation for teenagers has exploded over the past decade. We’ve organized this section by genre for easy casual browsing. 

Children’s & Middle Grade

There are precious few middle grade novels about m-spec childhood, so every new addition is sweet and powerful. There are NO children’s or read-aloud books about m-spec life, but we do hold a small collection of children’s books by m-spec authors.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Our small but spectacular collection of bi, pan, and m-spec comics cover superheroes, quiet family sagas, kinky romance, time travel, and more. We also include graphic memoir in this section (they’re technically nonfiction, but who says labels have to define us?)


Browse our bookshelves

Every book in the Bi Pan Library archive has its own page on our website so you can get all the details about what it’s about, who wrote it, and why it’s included in the collection.

Discover Queer history.

The Bi Pan Library collection includes many vintage and rare books you can’t find elsewhere online, so you can explore accounts of bi, pan, and m-spec lives as far back as the 1930s.

Get personalized help

A Bi Pan Library volunteer can help you find the right books about your topic of interest, a great read in your favorite genre, or arrange for research assistance over video chat!

What does
“m-spec” mean?

“M-spec” is short for “multiple-attraction spectrum” or “multisexual spectrum”. It’s an inclusive umbrella term for the many different ways people express attraction beyond gender. M-spec includes people who use words for themselves such as bi, pan, omni, fluid, flexible, curious, and more, as well as some people who don’t use labels at all.

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