By the Bi

Welcome to By the Bi, a podcast for anyone interested in learning a bit more about bisexuality, the swinger community, open relationships, BDSM, and everything else your vanilla friends refuse to talk with you about. Join your hosts, a bisexual expat couple in Sydney Australia, as each episode we chat about ourselves, our experiences, and our relationships. We look forward to addressing specific questions or issues that you might have as well; so pull up a chair, grab a cocktail and listen in. Oh and, by the by, we’re glad you’re listening. 


  • Bisexual identity
  • Bisexual culture
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Polyamory
  • Swinging
  • Sexual wellbeing


  • Ep 331: Coming Out as Bi in a Straight Presenting Relationship
    When you’re in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, and presenting as straight, there are some things that people may assume about you. That you’re completely heterosexual, for example. Or that your partner is also heterosexual. But what if you’re not straight? What if you’re bisexual? How do you come out as bisexual in a straight presenting relationship? Should you even bother coming out at all? These are questions that many bisexual people face when they’re in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Listen on to find out more about why coming out as bisexual can be important, and tips for how to do it successfully.
  • Ep 312: Talking with Adult Children
    When it comes to discussing sex and sexuality with our adult children, many parents feel apprehensive. After all, it’s an intimate topic that can be difficult to talk about. But by not discussing these issues openly and honestly, we may be doing our children a disservice. In this episode, we’ve invited some guests to explore some of the reasons why parents should talk about sex and sexuality with their adult children.
  • Ep 252: Toxic Masculinity
    This week we talk about Toxic Masculinity and how we’ve seen/experienced it in the lifestyle and within ourselves. We also give some tips on how to subvert it!
  • Ep 233: Professor Marston & the Wonder Women…Oh, One Last Thing
    This week we sit down with the creative team for our upcoming movie, Refused Classification. Together we watched the amazing film “Professor Marston & the Wonder Women” and discussed the importance and relevance of this film. We look at all aspects and try to explain how this movie inspired us to create our own!


Angela & Bradford


Both podcast hosts identify as bisexual, and the podcast focuses on polyamorous bisexual issues.

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