Boyfriends with Girlfriends

AUTHOR: Alex Sanchez
PUBLISHER: Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers
DATE: 2011
PAGES: 224

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Publisher’s Description

Lance has always known he was gay, but he’s never had a real boyfriend. Sergio is bisexual, but his only real relationship was with a girl. When the two of them meet, they have an instant connection–but will it be enough to overcome their differences?

Allie’s been in a relationship with a guy for the last two years–but when she meets Kimiko, she can’t get her out of her mind. Does this mean she’s gay? Does it mean she’s bi? Kimiko, falling hard for Allie, and finding it impossible to believe that a gorgeous girl like Allie would be into her, is willing to stick around and help Allie figure it out.

Boyfriends with Girlfriends is Alex Sanchez at his best, writing with a sensitive hand to portray four very real teens striving to find their places in the world–and with each other.

Inclusion Criteria

A main character (Sergio) identifies as bisexual, a main character (Allie) is questioning the possibility she may be bisexual.

Library Notes

Paperback. Donated by a friend of the library.

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