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AUTHOR: Gee Smalls
PUBLISHER: Juan & Gee Enterprises
DATE: 2019
PAGES: 364

Black Enough Man Enough: Embracing My Mixed Race and Sexual Fluidity

by Gee Smalls

I knew I was different, called ‘faggot-ass half-breed, ‘ teased for my light bright skin, soft curly afro, freckly face, and feminine ways. Growing up the child of a black daddy and white momma in the black Gullah Geechee culture on James Island, South Carolina in the 80’s, I was an outsider.

My adolescent identity crisis of racial and sexual confusion lead to a trip down the aisle with my high school sweetheart, the joy of fatherhood, and then into the shadows of the down-low before divorce and a tumultuous custody battle. As I embraced all of who I am, I developed my voice, using it to speak out on the racial and LGBT equality movements, as well as to say ‘I do’ to marry the man I love and create a realistic 21st century blended family.


Author Gee Smalls identifies as sexually fluid.

  • 1. Different
  • 2. The Smalls Family
  • 3. Faggot-Ass Half-Breed
  • 4. Love Her, Love Her Not
  • 5. Curious
  • 6. Husband and Wife
  • 7. Baby Boy
  • 8. On the DL
  • 9. Bruthafree
  • 10. Out and In
  • 11. Desperate Measures
  • 12. Loving Me
  • 13. Daddy’s Dead
  • 14. Head Over Timbs
  • 15. Love and Losses
  • 16. Fighting to Father
  • 17. Parent or Paramour?
  • 18. Husband and Husband
  • 19. The New Normal
  • 20. Breaking Traditions
  • 21. Open Minded
  • 22. Not the White Mother
  • 23. Everlasting
  • 24. You Are White Too
  • 25. No Rules
  • 26. A New Mr. Smalls
  • 27. If It Wasn’t For the Kids
  • 28. Release, Renew
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author

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