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EDITOR: Beth A. Firestein
PUBLISHER: SAGE Publications
DATE: 1996
PAGES: 329

Bisexuality: The Psychology and Politics of an Invisible Minority

edited by Beth A. Firestein

A landmark volume in the field, bisexuality presents a state-of-the-art glimpse of what is known and what remains to be known about bisexuality. Editor Beth A. Firestein gathers together an impressive group of researchers, activists, educators, theorists, and clinicians to offer insight into this understudied sexual orientation. Written in a scholarly but accessible style, this noteworthy collection of essays provides a focused, comprehensive introduction to research, theory, and practical clinical knowledge about bisexuality. The contributors agree that, given recognition and validity, the study of bisexuality can extend what we know about sexual orientation and sexual ideneity as well as shed light on previously unexplored aspects of sexuality. This insightful volume explicates the emergence of bisexuality as a phenomenon requiring a paradigm shift in sexual-orientation studies and discusses the implications of this shift.

Bisexuality makes accurate, high-quality information about the subject available to professionals and students in bisexuality studies, gender studies, sociology, family studies, and human sexuality. the book also brings current clinical perspectives together in a user-friendly volume for practitioners in social work and clinical/counseling psychology.

  • Foreward by Maggie Rubenstein
  • Acknowledgements
  • Prologue: That Naked Place by Lani Ka’ahumanu
  • Introduction by Beth A. Firestein
  • PART I: Bisexuality in Psychology and Social Sciences
    • Bisexuality in Perspective: A Review of Theory and Research by Ronald C. Fox
  • PART II: Diversity: Understanding and Valuing Difference
    • 2. Managing Multiple Identities: Diversity Among Bisexual Women and Men by Paula C. Rust
    • 3. Gender Identity and Bisexuality by Dallas Denny and Jamison Green
    • 4. Bisexuality, Sexual Diversity, and the Sex-Positive Perspective by Carol Queen
  • PART III: Counseling Issues: Challenges and Choices
    • 5. Moogamy and POlyamory: Relationship Issues for Bisexuals by Paula C. Rust
    • 6. Bisexual men, Sexual Behavior, and HIV/AIDS by Joseph P. stokes, Kittiwut Taywaditep, Peter Vanable, and David J. McKirnan
    • 7. Bisexual Woman and the AIDS Crisis by Margo Rila
    • 8. Counseling and Psychotherapy With Bisexual and Exploring Clients by David R. Matteson
  • PART IV: Politics and Community: Becoming Visible
    • 9. Biphobia: It Goes More than Two Ways by Robyn Ochs
    • 10. Bisexuality: Politics and Community by Loraine Hutchins
  • PART V: AAffirming Bisexuality: Paradigms and Possibilities
    • 11. Bisexualit as Paradigm Shift: Transforming Our Disciplines by Beth A. Firestein
  • Resource Appendix
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index


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