EDITORS: Emiel Maliepaard, Renate Baumgartner
PUBLISHER: Routledge
DATE: May 30, 2022
PAGES: 222

Bisexuality in Europe: Sexual Citizenship, Romantic Relationships, and Bi+ Identities

Edited By Emiel Maliepaard, Renate Baumgartner

Bisexuality in Europe offers an accessible and diverse overview of research on bisexuality and bi+ people in Europe, providing a foundation for theorising and empirical work on plurisexual orientations and identities, and the experiences and realities of people who desire more than one sex or gender

Counteracting the predominance of work on bisexuality based in Ango-American contexts, this collection of fifteen contributions from both early-career and more senior academics reflects the current state of research in Europe on bisexuality and people who desire more than one sex or gender. The book is structured around three interlinked themes that resonate well with the international research frontiers of bisexual theorizing: bisexual citizenship, intimate relationships, and bisexual+ identities. This book is the first of its kind in bringing together research from various European countries including Austria, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Scandinavian countries, as well as from Europe as a wider geographical region.. Topics include pansexual identity, non-monogomies, asylum seekers and youth cultures.

  • Acknowledgements
    • Chapter One: Bisexuality in Europe: Introduction to the field and this book, Emiel Maliepaard & Renate Baumgartner
  • Part I: Sexual citizenship
    • Chapter Two: The untellable bisexual asylum stories, Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh
    • Chapter Three: The bisexual movement in the Netherlands: Developments and experiences of key bi activists since the 1990s, Emiel Maliepaard
    • Chapter Four: Monosexual church policies and plurisexual youth cultures, Carol A Shepherd
    • Chapter Five: Bifeminist antimonogamy and the politics of erotic autonomy, Christian Klesse
  • Part II: Romantic relationships
    • Chapter Six: The becoming of family relationships and friendship circles after a bisexual break-up, Annukka Lahti
    • Chapter Seven: Bisexual women and monogamy, Sarah Jane Daly
    • Chapter Eight: “I think that I’m not a relationship person”: Bisexual women’s accounts of (internalised) binegativity in non-monogamous relationship narratives, Renate Baumgartner
    • Chapter Nine: Plurisexualities and consensual non-monogamies: Challenging normativities in Italy, Nicole Braida
  • Part III: Bi+ identities
    • Chapter Ten: Forms of bisexual injustice: Bi, being, and becoming a knower, Robin Rose Breetveld
    • Chapter Eleven: Bisexuality as an identity and as a conceptual tool in sexual politics in Finland, Jenny Kangasvuo
    • Chapter Twelve: The invisibility of bisexual and pansexual bodies: Sexuality, appearance norms, and visual identities, Nikki Hayfield
    • Chapter Thirteen: Concluding remarks: Proposing future directions, Renate Baumgartner & Emiel Maliepaard

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