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AUTHOR: Brett Beemyn (editor), Erich Steinman (Editor)
PUBLISHER: Routledge
DATE: 2001
PAGES: Unknown
ISBN: 9781560232506

Bisexual Men in Culture and Society

by Brett Beemyn and Erich Steinman

Gain a fresh perspective on this misunderstood sexual orientation!From invisible to pathological, the literary, cultural, and theoretical representations of male bisexuality have been almost uniformly negative. Bisexual Men in Culture and Society provides a clear, rational analysis of the negative stereotypes and the underlying reasons for them.”The bisexual is the brutal father, the abusive husband, the violent rapist (all familiar figures of male heterosexual power), but he is also the simpering, oral-sadistic mama’s boy found in psychoanalytic accounts of homosexuality. . . . Bisexuals are queers with straight privilege, . . . straights with gay chic.” Jonathan David White’s caustic summary of bisexual men as seen in David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet also applies to many of the representations of male bisexuality in popular and high culture. The original essays in Bisexual Men in Culture and Society deconstruct that dangerous image with blistering force and accuracy.


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