Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution

Life Isn’t Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between book

AUTHOR: Brett Beemyn
PUBLISHER: Routledge
DATE: September 24th 2001
PAGES: 126


Publisher’s Description

“Gain a fresh perspective on this misunderstood sexual orientation! From invisible to pathological, the literary, cultural, and theoretical representations of male bisexuality have been almost uniformly negative. Bisexual Men in Culture and Society provides a clear, rational analysis of the negative stereotypes and the underlying reasons for them. The original essays in Bisexual Men in Culture and Society deconstruct that dangerous image with blistering force and accuracy. Bisexual Men in Culture and Society offers thoughtful, insightful examinations of the cultural meanings of bisexuality.”

Table of Contents

About the Contributors
— In Dialogue: Problems and Opportunities in Together Alone’s Visions of Queer Masculinities by Jo Eadie
— Bisexual Dilemma: Closets All the Way Down by Dan Clurman
— Bisexuals Who Kill: Hollywood’s Bisexual Crimewave, 1985-1998 by Jonathan David White
— “To Say Yes to Life”: Sexual and Gender Fluidity in James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room and Another Country by Brett Beemyn
— Invisible Lives: Addressing Black Male Bisexuality in the Novels of E. Lynn Harris by Lisa Frieden
Illustration — How Many People Can I Love at One Time? A Lot! by Dan Clurman
— “Ethically Questionable?”: Popular Media Reports on Bisexual Men and AIDS by Marshall Miller

Library Notes

Softcover. Fair copy with clean pages and intact cover. Sticker residue. One page has fallen out and been repaired with clear scotch tape.