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AUTHOR: Sharon Rose, Cris Stevens, et al (editors)
PUBLISHER: Lawrence & Wishart Limited
DATE: 1996
PRINTING: First, out of print
PAGES: 324

Bisexual Horizons: Politics, Histories, Lives

edited by The Off-Pink Collective

Through its diversity, bisexuality challenges notions of fixed sexual identity, and its very existence as a chosen identification raises interesting contradictions for both straight society and lesbian and gay groups. As increasing numbers of people reject society’s attempts to impose rigid sexual stereotypes, the bisexual movement, both in Britain and around the world, has grown enormously.

This encyclopaedic book offers a multifaceted, multicultural survey of bisexuality and the bisexual movement. It is divided into four sections: Theory and Representation, which argues for flexibility in theories of sexual identity: Personal Stories, where bisexuals from many countries and backgrounds tell their stories and share their thoughts; HIV, AIDS and Safer Sex, which looks beyond the myths and examines bisexual safer-sex practices, and Bisexual Politics, which documents the developments of the bisexual movement and its relationship to other political groups.

The essays of experience and analysis in Bisexual Horizons have been edited by the off Pink Collective, a group of bisexual activists who have pioneered the documentation of bisexual experience. This book marks an important stage in the recognition of the bisexual community, and is essential reading for anyone interested in the politics of sexuality.

  • Foreward by Joseph Bristow
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction by the Editorial Collective
  • Section I: Theory and Representation
    • A new politics of sexuality by June Jordan
    • Being who we are (and anyone else we want to be) by Jo Eadie
    • An old bottle for old wine: selecting the right label by Michael S. Montgomery
    • Toward a free and loose bisexual future by Heather Came
    • Bisexuals and people of mixed-race: arbiters of change by Yasmin Prabhudas
    • Passing: pain or privilege? What the bisexual community can learn from the Jewish experience by Naomi Tucker
    • Bisexuality and feminism: one black woman’s perspective by Valerie Barlow
    • Bisexual feminism: challenging the splits by Susan M. Sturgis
    • Challenging the stereotypes by Amanda Udis-Kessler
    • Bisexuality in the Arab world interview with Muhammed by Françoise Gollain
    • Roots of a male bisexual nature by Guy Chapman
    • Annie Sprinkle Interview by Loraine Hutchins
    • Divided heart, divided history: eighteenth-century bisexual heroines by Emma Donoghue
  • Section II: Personal Stories
    • Introduction by Sue George
    • Double agency by McKenzie Wark
    • ‘And then she kissed me’ by Micky Fargo
    • On being bisexual and black in Britain by Paul
    • Coming out by Eileen O’Connell
    • It could be either by Marie King
    • Bisexuality and spirituality by Kelly Drake
    • Marriage and bisexuality by Felicity Cade
    • Against marriage by Sharon Rose
    • The hasbians by Meg Clarion
    • Living with the Janus people by Dave Stone
    • Trade secrets by Nicola Field
    • This is me by Joan
    • Deaf bisexuality by Louis Hamilton
    • The making of an Australian bisexual activist by Wayne Roberts
    • Conversations with a bi woman by Frances Murphy
  • Section III: HIV, AIDS, and safer sex
    • Introduction by Sue George
    • Bisexuals and AIDS by Liz Highleyman
    • It’s about the numbers by Jackie Dutton
    • Men, women, and safer sex: bisexual men in England and Scotland by Mary Boulton, Ray Fitzpatrick and Graham Hart
    • On the beat: A report on the Bisexually Active Men’s Outreach project by Mark Davis, Gary Dosett and Ullo Klemmer
    • Safer sex parties in the US bisexual community by Zaidie Parr
    • Sado-masochism and bisexuality by David Sands
  • Section IV: Bisexual Politics
    • Introduction: what are the bisexual politics? by Sharon Rose
    • Bisexual history: fighting invisibility by Kevin Lano
    • Coming in from the cold: bisexuality and the politics of diversity by Paul Chandler
    • Politically bi by Simon Scott
    • Breaking the barriers to desire by Peter Tatchell
    • The transgender identity as a political challenge by Rachel O’Connor
    • Dwellingin the house of tomorrow: children, young people and their bisexual parents by Karen Arden
    • Bisexuals and the Left by Zaidie Parr and Jon Johnson
    • Why bisexuals need trade unions by Kitty Rees
    • Thoughts of a bisexual activist by Liz Highleyman Feminist bisexuals in the UK — caught between a rock and a hard place? by Zaidie Parr
    • A History of the Edinburgh Bisexual Group by Dave Berry
    • Bisexuality in Brussels by A Euroqueer
    • A history of the bi movement in the Netherlands by Wouter Kaal
    • Bisexual associations in Germany by Francis Hüsers
    • BAD (Bisexuals Affirming Diversity): Bistory by Clare Bear
    • The bisexual community: viable reality or revolutionary pipe dream? by Beth Reba Weise
  • Resources and bibliography



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