Bisexual Characters in Film: From Anaïs to Zee

Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution

Life Isn’t Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between book

AUTHOR: Wayne M. Bryant
PUBLISHER: Harrington Park Press
DATE: February 1st 1997
PAGES: 186


Publisher’s Description

A lively, entertaining, and informative commentary, this book examines the treatment of bisexual film characters and shows you how that treatment has been affected by societal forces such as censorship, politics, religious prejudices, homophobia, and sexual stereotypes. Bisexual Characters in Film looks at the contribution of bisexual people (and others who have had lovers of varying sexes) to the body of work available on film today. These include the directors, writers, actors, composers, and designers whose sexual orientation has informed their work. An analysis of the Motion Picture Production Code and its devastating effect on bisexual and homosexual screen images forms an important part of the book. You learn how, specifically, it eradicated gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters from Hollywood films as well as the role of bisexual, lesbian, and gay filmmakers in finally defeating it.

Bisexual Characters in Film is a unique resource for researchers; librarians; film festival planners; the queer media; professors and students of lesbian, gay, and bisexual studies; bisexual activists; and general bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgendered readers. It provides a much-needed view of bisexual representations in a major segment of our popular culture.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Who is Bisexual?

— Similarities and Differences of Real and Celluloid Bisexuals
Chapter 2: In the Beginning
 A Survey of Bisexual Representation in Silent Film
— Early Activism
Chapter 3: Breaking the Code
— The History of the Motion Picture Production Code
— Independent Filmmakers Challenge the Code
Chapter 4: Lost in the Translation
— “Sanitizing” Bisexual Characters
— Rewriting Biographies
— The Case of No Sexuality
Chapter 5: Killers and Psychos and Queers! Oh My!
— Lunatic Killers and the Mentally Ill
— Other Bisexual Criminals
Chapter 6: Bisexuals as Victim
— No Rest for the Wicked!
Chapter 7: Wedded Bliss
— Stereotypes of Bisexual Husbands
— Why Wives Turn on Other Women
Chapter 8: Anything That Moves
— Promiscuity Among Screen Bisexuals
Chapter 9: Do the Hustle
— Bisexual Male Prostitution
— Runaways
Chapter 10: Bi Camp
Chapter 11: The Butt of the Joke
Chapter 12: Oil and Water?

— Lesbians and Bisexuals Together on Film
Chapter 13: In Their Own Image
— Historical Definitions of Bisexuality
— Bisexual Entertainers: Making a Difference
Chapter 14: By the Bi
— The Bisexual Influence Offscreen
— Bisexual Writers
Chapter 15: Conclusions
Film Index
General Index

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Library Notes

Softcover. Near-pristine copy, some very small rubs on edge of cover. Clean, intact pages.