Bisexual Behavior

A questioning podcast exploring the bi+ identity. Join along with Upstate New York-based writer Talia Cass as she talks to other queer folks about their experiences as bisexual, pansexual, and queer individuals. In each episode, Talia and a special guest will discuss common bisexual+ misconceptions, questions, and stereotypes while challenging and understanding what it means to be bi.


  • Bi / Pan / Queer identity
  • Bi / Pan / Queer culture
  • Bi / Pan / Queer history
  • Bi / Pan / Queer media
  • Queer representation
  • Activism
  • Gender identity


  • Ep 3: Representation with Jammella Anderson
    Activist and abolitionist Jammella Anderson talks about their TIME Magazine cover, gender and size-inclusive thrifting business, experience discovering their queerness and gender identity, the importance of representation in our community, media, and local businesses. And yes, Jammella and Talia both agree thrifting is pretty queer.
  • Ep 5: Community with Kiani Conley-Wilson
    Talia is joined by Troy City Council Representative Kiani Conley-Wilson to talk about the importance of queer representation in local government. Kiani shares their passion for their community, love of gardening, and journey to self-discovery.
  • Ep 6: Growing Up Religious with Ally Shivka
    Talia’s coworker, graphic designer Ally Shivka joins her on the podcast to talk about growing up religious and bi. They dive into being gay in the workplace, dating app woes, and the good ol’ bi vs. pan debate. (Spoiler alert: both identities are great and valid.) What’s “lesbian sheep syndrome”? Listen to find out!


Talia Cass


The podcast host identifies as bisexual / queer, and the podcast is focused on bi/pan/queer issues.

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