A biweekly show about queer characters, concepts, and controversies in popular culture, brought to you by two board-certified bisexual buds! Put on your bifocals as Lizy (she/her) and Joseph (he/his) take a close look at film, television, books, games, and more through a queer lens.


  • Bisexual culture
  • Bisexual media
  • Queer media
  • Pop Culture
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  • Ep 28: Chasing Amy
    Joseph mourns a Star Wars ship. Lizy remembers handsome men. It’s not easy being straight. One day, you’re publishing comics, and the next, you’re falling in love with a lesbian. It’s about time we rallied behind heterosexual men like Ben Affleck and gave them the support they deserve. Join us as we discuss Kevin Smith’s romantic comedy-drama Chasing Amy.
  • Ep 17: Brokeback Mountain
    Lizy has a hot Shakespearean take. Joseph is denied his discount. We’ve been alluding to it, folks, and it’s finally time for Brokeback Mountain! Crack open a can of beans, put on your bifocals, and join us for some campfire chats about Brokeback Mountain.
  • Ep 12: Freddie Mercury
    Joseph contemplates Guy Fieri introversion. Lizy recounts penguin trauma. We realized Kevin James was getting more airtime than the legendary Freddie Mercury – a true bicon – and it’s time we fixed that. Join us as we humbly ask Jimmy Buffett for a favor, then put on our bifocals to take a look at the life of Freddie Mercury.
  • Ep 1: Wonder Woman
    Joseph has been reading a bunch of Wonder Woman comics! Lizy is anxious about Steve Trevor’s fate! While we wait for Wonder Woman 1984, let’s put on our bifocals to talk about Diana Prince, her history, and some other awesome queer comic book characters that followed in her footsteps.


Lizy Conyers
Joseph Gutierrez


Both podcast hosts identify as bisexual. The podcast is focused on queer/bisexual topics.

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